Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mongolian Ogres Part 2.5

We are just going to consider this post Part 2.5 because it's allllll knoblars. I have been working on these few guys since I started. Sculpting their hats are a great use for my leftover green stuff. I have not converted or sculpted a hat on each one but...they are knoblars...2 points.

Again, I promise that I will clean my camera for the next post.


  1. You are my Mongolian Hero. These look supa fine. Just don't let these distract you from the bigger picture biatch! And get the right primer you knucklehead.

    Also, that may not be your filthy body grease on the lens, it may be light flare back from your set-up.

  2. Nice, two points a dood and doing anything other than cleaning, basing, and painting is impressive.

    I guess you can console yourself with the fact that adding hats and things might make them passable as Trappers, which are what, like 4 points per or something? I like how to make Ogres effective, you really need a lot of Gnoblars, but the Gnoblars are such asstacular models that they drain the soul when it comes to painting or even cleaning mould lines. If only there was a Goblin box that was on par with the new Night Goblins in terms of sculpt quality and part count. I guess the new plastic Grots could serve as Gnoblars (and it would be a good way to stock up on some of the loose Grot heads...) but that would also be a LOT of work for a 2-point model.

    Have you thought about doing anything like snow since it seems like it would be appropriate for the fur and whatnot. I definitely look forward to see what you do for the paint scheme.

  3. I will definitely be doing some snow on my bases although, I have a while before I can even think about bases.

    Trappers are 6 points a model! That might be worth putting some more time on them, maybe I will throw some bear traps on their backs. I have been pretty effective in my play testing of the army. I just run lots and lots of small ogre units. Honestly I just built the knoblars because I can sort of mindless put them together unlike the Ogres.

  4. Pretty nice. Love your style

    Just don't lose the plot!